Our structure

This page is about our legal structure - because some people might be interested in this and we are a bit unusual.

We are a Community Interest Company 

We are limited by share - this means we are owned by our members. Our members are the people who run their own micro businesses and they are also the people who support them to do this. So because of this we are a joint venture - between those mostly supported and those mostly supporting.

We operate as a co-operative. Because everyone owns the company everyone can help everyone else and work together. This means that people who are good at some things can do those things and other people can do their thing and help. So everyone works for themselves and decides what they do, how hard they want to work, what they want to get out of their business and so on. Some of us work for the company but we also work for our members but we all own the company. As a co-op we help people do the things that Thelma could have benefitted from.